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We manage your interior design project from conception to construction and installation . We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind residential and commercial spaces. Our services include:

  • Interior Architectural details and drawings

  • Construction Document Set 

  • Coordination with architects and contractors

  • Furniture, Fixture, and Lighting

  • Selection of furniture and accessories

  • Custom furniture and textile design

  • Concierge purchasing management

  • Photo realistic illustrations

  • Color palette consultation

  • Delivery and installation

  • Budget planning​

  • Space planning 

In this services we will only use paint, fabric, furniture, and accessories to change the visual aesthetic of a space. A formal presentation will be provided with renders establishing the changes to the room. 



During this consultation, the dream, goals, tastes, and design needs is defined. We'll establish the scope of work, budget, and timeline. After the consultation, we provide the project scope, list of recommendations, and an action plan so you’ll have a clear understanding and outline of what is required to complete the project.

Full Service Interior Design 

Consultation Services 

Decorating Services 


Architect hold plans

 Construction Documents 

  • Construction Documents.

  • Purchasing, Procurement, and Installation.

Work Desk

Design Development 

  • Furniture, Finish, Accessory, & Art Selections.

  • Renders.


Schematic Design 

  • Budget Development.                                                                            

PHASE 1. Schematic Design 

In the Initial meeting with the client, we establish our client’s budget, designer fee, style, needs, project scope, estimated timeframe and deadlines. Additionally, if storage or mover are needed.

PHASE 2. Design Development 

In the second phase once the project and fees are approved, we visit the site and take precise measurements of the space you want us to design. This gives us the tools we need to provide our clients with  space planning, elevations, floor plans, millwork, kitchens, baths, furniture, fabrics, finishes, lighting, and artwork will all be considered. We present the finalized design vision along with color palettes, selections, and architectural features for your input and approval at every benchmark.

PHASE 3. Construction Document 

We do the installation or hand in the necessary drawings depending on the service and we transform your space into a thoughtfully curated design — beyond your expectation and imagination.


Phase 4. Final walk through 

Now that everything is in place, we walk through the completed design, focus on any outstanding areas in need of attention, and promptly address them. Our project comes to a celebrated closure, and we provide the necessary documents to ensure your investment is well protected.

Q and A 

When should I hire an interior designer? 

As soon as you hire an architect, builder or general contractor. The sooner we get involved in the project the better. that way all professional can work together as a team and deliver the best outcome for you and your project. 

Can we shop together?

That’s generally not a part of our services. However if the project needs the extra service we will be more than happy to provide it. Our experience has shown us that to obtain the best result with an interior designer is to have one person making the decisions. This lets the original design vision be executed seamlessly, effectively and in a way that is truly service oriented for the client. 

How do you set a budget ? 

Budgets typically start at $150-350/ft for furnishings, accessories, and design fees. We will walk you through the process of budgeting based on our experience. We find that our clients may know how much they want to invest, but may not know what is a reasonable budget for furnishings and fees. This is way we are here to guide and help you every step of the way. 

What if I want to do most of the work and just need an overall plan ?

We’re happy to help you with a Master Plan for your project. Depending on the room size and other details, we can provide a proposal for you.

How do you communicate with clients ? 

Communication is key in every successful design. We do updates and progress reports regularly to keep our client informed of the progress of the work. For high-profile clients who prefer only to be less involved we work closely with your Management Team to give you the best customer service and outcome.

I already have furniture that I like. What will become of my current pieces if we work together? 

We believe that reusing and repurposing existing furniture is a great way to create a more sustainable design. We'll take inventory of the furnishings and art in your collection and take these items into our space planning layout. Then, we supplement the design with new furniture and accessories in order to create a home which truly reflects you and your family.

Are you willing to do one room ? 

Yes, we would be more than happy to help you with your vision. Many projects begin with just one or two rooms. Some clients complete updates and renovations in phases. 

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